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Climate Change Talking Points


What’s At Stake

President Trump has launched a full-blown assault on all the hard-won progress we’ve made in tackling climate change. In early June, he announced plans to withdraw the U.S. from the landmark Paris climate agreement — abandoning America's leadership on climate and clean energy, making us a pariah on the international stage and threatening our children's future. He also issued an executive order aimed at crippling the Clean Power Plan, President Obama’s groundbreaking plan to reduce carbon pollution from power plants and build a clean energy future … greenlit the disastrous Keystone XL pipeline … and proposed cutting nearly a third of the EPA’s budget, which would diminish the agency’s ability to implement and enforce critical environmental safeguards.

What We Want

Issue: Clean Power Plan
Target: U.S. Congress
Message: Senator/Representative, I urge you to stand up to President Trump’s dangerous and misguided efforts to roll back the progress we’ve made toward addressing the climate crisis. Please oppose any and all efforts to weaken, roll back or dismantle the Clean Power Plan, which places urgently needed limits on carbon pollution from power plants, one of America’s top sources of climate pollution.


Issue: Paris climate agreement
Target: State governors
Message: Governor, in the wake of President Trump’s reckless plan to pull the U.S. out of the Paris climate agreement, I urge you to help uphold America’s Paris commitments by continuing to work to advance clean energy, create jobs, reduce pollution and achieve united action against climate change.

Talking Points

Clean Power Plan

1. President Trump issued an executive order that aims to weaken or destroy the Clean Power Plan, President Obama’s landmark plan to combat climate change, by placing limits on carbon emissions from power plants, one of the top sources of climate pollution in the U.S.


2. The Clean Power Plan gives states the power to use a combination of renewable energy, energy efficiency and other clean fuels technologies to slash carbon emissions.


3. The plan would save thousands of lives a year, generate up to $54 billion in climate and public health benefits and help create tens of thousands of new clean energy jobs.


4. Rolling back the Clean Power Plan would undo years of climate progress, threaten good paying clean energy jobs and expose Americans to more toxic air pollution from dirty power plants.


5. The Clean Power Plan is built on a strong legal foundation, backed by science and supported by a clear majority of Americans who won't let the fossil fuel industry dictate our climate future.

Paris Climate Agreement

1. President Trump has announced plans to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate agreement, the first-ever global agreement to reduce climate change pollution. Leaving the Paris climate agreement threatens our environment, our economy and our national security.


2. Pulling out of Paris is bad for business. In the U.S., for every person employed in the building construction industry, two people are employed in the clean energy sector. And the solar industry alone employs twice as many people as coal.


3. By abandoning our seat at the Paris climate agreement table, President Trump is ceding the U.S.’s leadership role in the booming clean energy industry to countries like China and Germany that are doubling down on clean energy research and investment.


4. President Trump’s extremism has isolated us from the global community and the nearly 200 other countries that signed the Paris climate agreement, including China, Germany, India and the E.U., to tackle the most central environmental challenge of our time — climate change.


5. In the next 10 years, failure to adapt to climate change and reduce its effects will be “the most impactful risk” communities face, according to the World Economic Forum’s 2016 Global Risks Report.


6. The United States is the world’s second largest contributor of climate-warming greenhouse gas emissions, after China. Over time, the U.S. has spewed out more than one-quarter of the world’s carbon pollution, and has one of the world’s highest per-person emissions rates. Reducing the U.S.’s carbon pollution would have a major impact on reducing the world’s overall emissions.


7. If Washington won’t lead on climate, it’s up to governors, mayors and other state and local officials to step in and take strong action to slash carbon pollution and lead America toward a clean energy future.



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