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On Wednesday, February 6, the U.S. House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee and Committee on Natural Resources are holding critical climate change hearings in Washington. These two hearings kick off a series of hearings on important environmental issues in the weeks and months ahead, so it’s vital that we start out strong!

Here’s where you come in: If your representative is on either of these committees, please help make sure they get a flood of phone calls in the days leading up to the hearing calling for climate action.

Once you receive a text message from one of our volunteers, call the number provided and we’ll connect you directly with your representative. Once you’re connected, say your name, where you’re from, and tell your rep you want them to attend the hearings and take urgent action on climate. Feel free to share any information about how climate change has impacted you or your community.

If you know that your representative already supports strong action on climate change and clean energy, you should still call to thank them for leading on climate, encourage them to take the time to show up at a hearing, and let them know that you will support their efforts to fight climate change going forward.

And if you know that your representative is a climate change denier, opposes action on clean energy, or is just dragging their feet, don’t miss this chance to tell them that constituents like you are watching them closely — and you’ll be holding them accountable at the ballot box.

We’re calling on this new Congress to move immediately to:

* Promote a just and equitable transition away from dirty fossil fuels and toward a 100% clean energy future

* Invest in building a clean energy economy, reducing emissions, creating green jobs, and upgrading America's infrastructure to withstand the worsening impacts of climate change

* Fulfill our commitments under the Paris agreement to reduce dangerous carbon pollution

* Hold President Trump and his administration accountable to enforcing important climate and pollution policies like the Clean Power Plan, to slash carbon pollution from power plants; Clean Car Standards, to reduce emissions from cars and trucks and save consumers money at the pump; and the Methane Rule, to reduce emissions from oil and gas drilling