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Scott Pruitt in the Hot Seat — Send Congress Your Questions Now

LIVE: Wednesday, May 16, President Trump’s EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt will face questioning from the Senate Appropriations Committee's Subcommittee on Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies about his reckless spending, massive proposed EPA budget cuts, and close ties to the oil and gas industry.

Watch the hearing live right here, and use our simple instructions below to share your Scott Pruitt questions with the leaders of the subcommittee on Twitter and Facebook.


Just follow these simple instructions to tweet:

- If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can sign up here.

- Click below for pre-written tweets concerning the subcommittee leaders:

  • Subcommittee Chair Lisa Murkowski: She’s a Republican who has so far stood by and defended Pruitt’s egregious and corrupt behavior.
  • Ranking Member Tom Udall: He’s a Democrat who has publicly called for Pruitt’s resignation. Give him a big thank you and a good question – he’s the most likely to actually use it at the hearing!

- If you don’t tweet, you can also head over to Facebook to leave your question in a comment for Sen. Murkowski, or Sen. Udall.

- Here are some ideas for questions to get you started:

  1. Since the EPA's mission is to protect our health and our environment, why has Pruitt taken significantly more meetings with fossil fuel industry executives than environmental or public health groups?
  2. Why is Pruitt proposing to slash the EPA's budget for key programs that protect our environment, including clean air and water safeguards, flood protection, and prosecuting environmental crimes?
  3. Why does Pruitt refuse to address climate change, when the vast majority of scientists agree that it's the biggest environmental threat we've ever faced?
  4. Why did Scott Pruitt and his aides subvert the White House to hand out massive raises to key aides — and why did they do it by using funds reserved for hiring emergency experts during clean water crises?
  5. Why did Scott Pruitt spend thousands of taxpayer dollars on lavish expenses like first-class flights, unnecessary office furniture, and a security detail during a personal trip to Disneyland?

- Or, head over to NRDC's The Case for Firing Scott Pruitt fact sheet to get all the facts you need to craft your own questions.