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Speak Out in Your Community: Stop President Trump's Offshore Drilling Assault

The Trump administration has released a disastrous proposal to auction off huge swaths of America’s oceans for oil and gas drilling.


From Maine to Florida, Washington State to California, across the Arctic and in the Gulf of Mexico, President Trump’s and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s dangerous five-year offshore drilling plan could put drill rigs off the coast of virtually any state and oil slicks up and down our shores.


Their dirty fossil fuel scheme threatens coastal communities, whales, and other marine life with catastrophic oil spills. It diverts our path to a clean energy future and keeps us shackled to the heavily polluting fossil fuels of the past. The proposal is nothing more than another handout to private oil companies, forcing taxpayers to continue subsidizing the fossil fuel industry.


We need you to help fight back! Show your opposition by making your voice heard in your community and at your lawmakers' offices, and help mobilize a nationwide public outcry on all fronts to stop this reckless drilling plan and save our coasts.


Here’s how you can get involved:

- Find out where your governor and members of Congress stand on offshore drilling

- Call your lawmakers' in-state offices during August recess using our easy call tool

- Gather petition signatures offline (PDF) to oppose drilling off our coasts

- Send messages of protest to your senators and representative online, and share with your friends

Meet with your lawmakers in person, or make phone calls to their offices, using our talking points

Write a letter to the editor

- Attend a public forum or other local event to learn more show your opposition to drilling (check back here for details on upcoming events)

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