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Gather Petition Signatures Offline: Protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from Drilling


The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska is one of the last unspoiled ecosystems on earth, and one of America’s most cherished wild places.

But anti-environment members of Congress are attempting to open up this spectacular wild place to drilling.

Follow these simple steps to help fight back by collecting petition signatures in your community. By collecting signatures and having face-to-face conversations with your neighbors, you can do a TON to raise awareness. Your passion and your time will translate directly into more people being more willing to stand up to reckless assaults on America’s wild places.


How To Do It

1. Ask friends to join you! It’s way more fun to put yourself out there in good company.

2. Click here to download and print out a copy of the petition—or more than one if you have a friend or two who'd like to join you. 

3. Pick a good canvassing spot. You want to find a location with plenty of traffic and a likely population—your farmers’ market, Little League game, local playground, library, outside a movie theater, outdoor concert, or other well-attended community event. Consider the timing, too—you want to find a time when people are not in a rush and have a moment to listen (so school drop off and commuter train platforms are OUT!)

4. Gather your supplies. You won’t need much but you will need:

- A clipboard for each person who’ll be collecting signatures

- Lots of pens!

- Comfy shoes

- An accessory, special outfit, or fun prop—like a pin, a funny hat, or a costume that will help make you more noticeable and more approachable

- Patience and understanding for your fellow humans

- Passion and determination to protect cherished wildlife from drilling

5. Get out there! Be friendly, but don't push if people are in a hurry or not interested. You get extra points if you can make people laugh while they’re signing.

6. Do some quality control. Make sure people's names and contact info are legible—no doctor’s scrawls!

7. Deliver the petitions in person, by mail or electronically. Mail your completed petition pages to the address on the bottom of the page. Or, take a photo of the petition page, or use a scanner, and email it to us at We’ll count up the signatures and make sure they get delivered to your senators' offices electronically.


Download the petition now


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