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Tell McConnell what you really think about climate change

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Kentucky and its residents are already paying the price for climate change. Yet Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell doesn’t have a plan to combat climate change. Instead of allowing the Senate to engage in a serious debate about important ideas like a Green New Deal and other clean energy and climate change policies to protect us from harm, McConnell plans to shut down the conversation.

Read more about this in NRDC Action Fund President Rhea Suh’s op-ed in the Louisville Courier-Journal.

The fate of our planet depends upon us all coming together across state lines – from Kentucky to New York, Kansas to California – to address the climate crisis, before it’s too late, so take these three actions now!

Three things you can do right now:

  1. Sign our petition to Senator McConnell and Kentucky’s other congressional representatives calling on them to address the climate crisis.

  2. Start a text tree to get your family and friends involved! Just text KENTUCKY to 21333 to get started, then send the message you receive to at least 5 of your friends across the state.

  3. Take a few minutes to print out NRDC Action Fund President Rhea Suh’s op-ed and mail it to Senator McConnell’s office so he knows it’s getting attention in his home state. Include a handwritten note asking him what his plan is for tackling climate change. Send us a quick email at letting us know you sent your letter. You can find Senator McConnell’s D.C. and district office addresses here.

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