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Start a “Text Tree” to Get Friends to Call Congress

 Copyright © Media Bakery / MediaBakery

Copyright © Media Bakery / MediaBakery

Why It Works

Calling Congress—ideally over and over again—is the most efficient way to show lawmakers how passionately their constituents feel about an issue. OK, maybe you’ve already called Congress many times. So, here’s a way to multiply your impact with a single text message to friends, asking them to call Congress and tell their friends to call Congress. Your friends are more likely to do something if YOU ask them to do it, so like an old-school phone tree, this can be a powerfully simple tool.

How to Do It

Reach out to as many (at least 10) friends with the sample message below. This will create a “text tree” so you all can call Congress at the drop of a hat when there are key moments for clean air, clean water, food safety and public lands. It’s best to send your message as a group text (but you can also send it by email, Facebook, WhatsApp, or any social media site—your call). Feel free to use our sample message below or write your own.

Hey friends! I’m angry about the assault on our air, water, food and health coming from Congress and the Trump administration. I’m starting a “text tree” so we can all fight back together. Here’s how it works: I’ll send you a text with all the instructions you need to call your elected officials (right from your cell) when there are urgent votes or decisions. You’ll make your phone call, then start your own text tree by copying my text message and sending it to your OWN contacts.

If you’re in, do three things:

1. Reply to this chain and say “yes”
2. Copy this entire message and send it to ten other friends or family members.
3. Follow the instructions to make your first call right now (or anytime tonight) at this link:


Then, stay tuned for more call-in alerts via text at urgent moments. When they come, copy and paste them to your text tree.


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