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10-Minute Actions

Minimal time. Maximum impact.

Make Three Calls to Congress Right NOW

Call Congress

Why It Works

Phone calls carry much more weight than an email, Facebook post, or tweet. And if enough people call about an issue, it gets moved to the top of the lawmaker’s priority list.

How to Do It

Find your elected officials’ numbers. Find their office numbers at the House of Representatives and Senate directories. It’s a good idea to add their numbers to your address book or your phone. We recommend including all the district office phone numbers since you may have an easier time getting through at one of those offices than at their D.C. office.

Choose an issue to call them about and use our script. It works best to focus on just one topic on each call and to keep your call short and to the point.

Protecting key safeguards for our air, water, land, health, and more

- Protecting our national monuments

- Preventing offshore drilling

Acting on climate change

If at first you don’t succeed, call, call again! Dial away. If no one answers, don’t get discouraged; just go on to the next office number on your list for that elected official. When someone does pick up, give your name and where you live, be polite, express your opinion, and thank them for listening.

Rinse and repeat. Do the same thing with your other elected officials. And consider taking things to the next level with an unscheduled visit to your lawmaker’s local office.