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Make a “Live Call to Congress” Using Facebook Live

Make a Live Call To Congress using Facebook Live

Why It Works

Facebook loves videos! By livestreaming your call to Congress, you can increase its impact DRAMATICALLY. Tagging your elected official in your livestream feed could catch his or her attention on a whole new level. It’s also likely to catch the attention of your Facebook friends who, will hopefully be inspired to contact their lawmakers on this issue, too.

How to Do It

Get your script ready. Here are all the instructions you need to make a call to your decision maker's office. Even if you’ve never done it before, it’s easy.

Get ready for primetime. Get out of your pajamas, fix your hair, and put on a nice shirt. Dress the part to make sure Congress takes you seriously.

Grab a second phone, or a computer. You’re going to be using one phone to actually make your call. To record your video, you will need another cell phone, or a computer with a webcam and the Google Chrome browser. Make sure your phones are charged!

Find the right place. Ideally, you want to broadcast your call from somewhere with a strong, reliable Wifi connection. In addition to being more reliable than a cell network, this will also save you a whole lot of data. However, if Wifi is not available, find a strong 4G network.

If you’re using a computer, make sure you have the Chrome browser. Open up Facebook and click “Live Video” at the top of your news feed. You may need to give Facebook permission to access your camera and microphone if you haven’t done this before.

If you’re using a phone, open the Facebook app. Once you have the app open in your phone, tap the Newsfeed tab and navigate to “What’s on your mind?” at the top of the display.

Facebook live

Open “Go Live.” Tap on “What’s on your mind” to bring up the series of options below it and locate the red “Go Live” icon in the list. Tap it. You may need to give Facebook permission to access your camera and microphone if you haven’t done this before.

Choose video. A small blue text box will pop up at the top, explaining that you can choose either video or just audio. Tap the little video camera icon at the top (unless you feel more comfortable just recording the audio, although it won’t be as impactful as the video).

Describe your video. Write a short description in the “describe your live video” that opens up. Something like, “I love breathing clean air! That’s why I’m calling to urge @YOURMEMBEROFCONGRESS to protect the air we breathe from big polluters.”

Facebook Live instructions

Go live! Click the “go live” button in the bottom right-hand corner and pick up your (other) phone to make your call. Smile! Keep it short, sweet, and polite. After you hang up, tell your Facebook audience why this is important to you, and ask them to call as well. When you’re done, click “Finish” in the bottom right-hand corner.

Go live instructions

Share your video. Facebook will automatically save your video, though you can delete it at any time. Hopefully, you will want to share that video with your friends to encourage them to join you in getting involved in protecting our air, water, and public lands. Sharing it will also make doubly sure that your elected official sees it and takes notice.