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Help Get More Attention on These Four Arresting Videos

© Cultura Creative (RF) / Alamy Stock Photo

© Cultura Creative (RF) / Alamy Stock Photo

Why It Works

It’s easy for a lawmaker to ignore a fact sheet. It’s much harder to ignore a real person who is battling cancer or has lost a loved one. Our brains are hardwired to respond to stories. That’s why we’ve put together these four powerful short videos about real people whose lives have been touched by our government’s failure to protect us from cancer-causing substances like asbestos and food-borne pathogens like Salmonella and listeria. You can help make more people aware of the urgent need for protections by sharing these powerful stories with your networks and your elected officials.

How to Do It

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- Share directly with your elected officials. Post the videos on your elected officials’ Facebook pages and shoot them a Facebook message directly with the videos.

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The Videos

Videos 1 & 2


Asbestos is a highly toxic, cancer-causing material that is still being used in the United States today despite being banned in Europe—and in a total of 55 countries—for years.

Video links:

Video 1 (Facebook | Twitter)

Video 2 (Facebook | Twitter)

Use these hashtags:
#mesothelioma, #asbestos, #toxics


 Videos 3 & 4


Food-borne pathogens like Salmonella and listeria that can make us sick and even kill us, but they could be avoided through government protections.

Video links:

Video 3 (Facebook | Twitter)

Video 4 (Facebook)

Use these hashtags:
#foodsafety, #safefood