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Ask Five Friends to Join You at a Local Public Event

Ask five friends to join you at a local public event

Why It Works

Town hall meetings, rallies, and other public forums have been a critical tool in slowing down some of the Trump administration’s and Congress’s most dangerous plans this year. And since FOMO (fear of missing out) is real, one incredibly powerful way YOU can boost attendance is by sharing an event on social media and encouraging your friends to join you in attending. (This 10-minute action is just about picking and sharing an event. Scroll down for more info on what to actually do at your event!)

How to Do It

Find an event you want to attend. Find an event near you—this is especially important during congressional recess periods when lawmakers are back in their home states or districts. If you don’t find any events nearby, call your elected official’s local office to find out if there are any public forums coming up.” If you’re not already on your elected official’s email list, sign up to stay in the loop. If you decide to attend a town hall or forum, make sure to RSVP right away as seating is often limited.

Share the event on Facebook and Twitter with a personal spin. Facebook’s “events” feature makes this particularly easy, but Twitter can also be a good tool for publicizing events. So first, check to see if there’s already a public event listed on Facebook. If there is, share that event. If not, you can just share the link to the event on whatever website it’s listed on. When you share it, be sure to:

- make a personal pitch for the event,

- make it clear that you are going, and

- tag specific friends—this is crucial since that helps ensure they will actually see your post or tweet.

You can say something like: “Who’s gonna join me in standing up to Congress?! Come out on Thursday night to protect our air, water, and public lands from being sold to the highest corporate bidder. Hope to see you there. Please let me know if you can make it. I’m looking at you, @friend1, @friend2, @friend3, @friend4, @friend5 :)”

Share it again in a couple of days. The nature of social media is that people often miss posts the first time around. So share the event again in a couple of days. If any of your friends has said they will attend, work that into your next post: “@friend1 and @friend2 are coming with me on Thursday. Are you in, @friend3, @friend 4 and @friend5?!” Peer pressure really works :)

Prepare for the event! Check out our tips for making the most of town halls and other “absentee decision maker” events.