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WATCH NOW: Don't let Congress gut the protections that keep us safe!
Photo by NRDCflix

Photo by NRDCflix

President Trump and big polluter allies in Congress have proposed a 2018 budget for the federal government, and it represents another cynical attempt to roll back environmental protections that safeguard our public health, our climate and natural heritage.

Singled out for the biggest cuts is our nation's environmental guardian: the Environmental Protection Agency. The president proposes to cripple the EPA with a drastic 31% budget cut, which means basic safeguards that protect us from climate change, dirty air, contaminated water and toxic chemicals will take the hardest hit.

These vital safeguards are under attack as corporate lobbyists, President Trump and his allies in Congress use the budget process to weaken or even eliminate them.

Please watch this powerful new TV ad from NRDC about threats to our air, water and health — then tell Congress to oppose any attempts to weaken the protections that keep us and our loved ones safe and healthy.