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Spend an Hour… on Social Media!

Spend an hour on social media

Why It Works  

Issue-related battles play out on Twitter and Facebook. And guess what? You’re on the front lines every day. So grab some snacks and drinks, don your most comfortable sweats, and commit a full hour to liking and sharing posts, articles, and videos that’ll do the world good. (Forget the part about the sweats if you’re at the office.) Because social media algorithms prioritize showing your friends’ posts from YOU over posts from us, or any other organization.

We’ve done the heavy lifting—from experts giving you the inside scoop on the day’s news to creating some great, short videos that make the case for protecting our air, water, food, and wild places.

Stretch those thumbs and get ready to like, share, and post! And try not to get distracted by cat videos.

How to Do It

Connect. Start by liking and following NRDC on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube—whatever sites you’re already spending time on. (More great Twitter handles here.)

Like, comment, and share away! Scroll through our feeds for any posts you think others might find compelling. When you see something interesting, especially if it already has lots of likes, do three things:

- Like it (or add another reaction).

- Add a supportive comment.

- MOST IMPORTANT: Share/retweet/regram it.

Follow these pointers. There are a few simple ways to help ensure that more people see your posts/shares/grams/tweets when you share them.


- Make it personal. Write a little note when you share. Add your take, or a connection between the issue and your own life.

- Keep it short—one sentence max. Most people don’t read beyond what they can see without clicking “read more” (and they call themselves your “friends”...).

- Tag people you think may be interested, especially friends with big followings on social media, to increase the chances that they’ll actually see your post.


  • - When you retweet, add a wee bit of commentary to put your own stamp on it and hopefully spark more responses.

- Use hashtags to broaden your reach. Here are a few we use regularly in case it’s helpful: #DefendOurMonuments, #MonumentsForAll, #ClimateChange, #CleanEnergy, #IAmStillIn, #DirtyBudget, #StopTrump

- Ask people to retweet. Believe it or not, adding “Pls RT” (or even “Please Retweet” if you’ve got characters to spare) can help convince others to retweet. Who’d a thunk it?!

- Tag relevant profiles—this could be anyone from your member of Congress to a friend you know is interested in the topic or that one aunt who retweets everything you tag her in no matter what it is.


- Use those hashtags! They’re even more important on Instagram than they are on Twitter. And they let you use up to a total of 30 so don’t be shy… in addition to all the hashtags we listed above, you may also want to add #regram to the mix.

- Tag any relevant profiles when you regram.